Saturday, November 14, 2009


Source of the recipe and acknowledgement

The recipe is simply awesome. I cooked it yesterday and every body liked it immensely.
I am posting few photos here. 

For details of the recipe please visit 

Dear Prasu 
Thank you very much for this wonderful recipe


  1. Hi Ushinish gi, thank you for trying this recipe......good to know that you liked it........I simply love this curry, ur curry looks very yummy...

  2. lovely chicken curry ushnish...thanks for those wondeful comments n appreciation towards my blog n recipes...actually i had used normal masala's as we hve at home for this jinka masala first stage of my blogging i had used pure masalas as we make at home coz my mother z fond of making masala's at home itself so tht no preservative ll b in tht na...but for this i use eastern fish masala,garam masala only...all other ingredients including masala's r normal...happy to know that u r goin to try plz tell me the result also....u ll like it sure..takecare..hve a nice week end..

  3. This looks delicious...I've never made my own chicken curry at home...definitely need to try it. Thanks for sharing!