Sunday, November 22, 2009


Source of the recipe and acknowledgement

I cooked this dish yesterday 
The recipe is simply out of the world. I have eaten this dish so many times, but I feel great as I cooked it for the 1st time. Of course I did not have the expert guidance at my kitchen, which is very much necessary  when one makes the 1st attempt on this famous dish.

I am posting few photos here. Of course it may not look like the dish made by others mainly because of flash.

For details of the recipe please visit 

Dear Sangeetha
Thank you very much for this wonderful recipe now I have included in Party dish
Chicken marinade in red chili, Turmeric and others
Onions on the fry 
Tomato and others added
Ready to recieve chicken
Chicken added and mixed
Dish ready for eating


  1. Hello Ushnish,
    Ur feedback made my day....:) That was so nice of you to leave such a generous feedback...glad to know that humble space of mine is of some help to u. Words like this makes me really wonderful to know there are people who value this blog and try recipe & appreciate it.. Seeing my recipe and ur words for me on ur blog is best compliment one can get!thx for being encouraging and supportive :)

    Have a great day.

  2. Dear Ushnish,

    Thats kool, you maintain an acknowledgment blog'. Like the verdict part. Now its easy to try any new recipe'...

    Have a great day:)

  3. Aren't you keeping yourself busy! The dish has come out well.

  4. Dear Ushnishda, why dont u try my Madura Varutha curry( and give me a BIG acknowledgement..

    I do love to increase my blog traffic


    just kidding.. This blog looks really inviting. Very nice and interesting collection..let me try any of these

  5. Good to see you making it from other blogs..

  6. Hi .from VIGO SPAIN, is my first visit to your blog and follow you, I love these recipes different from what I learn, I invite you to share my recipes and blog, hugs.

  7. wow this looks delicious... first time here.. happy to follow you... do visit me

  8. This chicken is my favourite too..very well prepared.
    Thanks for liking the papad rolls...I'm sure you'll love them..It is a jhat-pat snack..